This website is dedicated to providing resources for beekeepers of all levels who would like to provide a safe and nurturing home for their bees. We provide educational instruction on how to keep bees without the use of antibiotics, miticides, fumigants or other chemical inputs, and how to market raw honey that is unadulterated by heating, filtration or any other treatment. Our classes are designed to teach beekeepers self-sufficiency, organic agricultural principles, and community service.

As experienced beekeepers, we are committed to helping beginning and long-time beekeepers alike to develop their skills in natural beekeeping. From building a hive to raising queens, students learn to feel entirely confidant in their ability to take care of the needs of a hive. Many of us learn the hard way that beekeeping is not as simple as purchasing a hive and ordering a package of bees in the mail. In order for us to maintain the health of the bees and have a healthy relationship with our hives, there is a great deal to learn.

Because of the pressures of industrial agriculture, safe corridors for pollinators are continuously under threat from pesticides, industrial waste products and genetically modified organisms. As beekeepers, we need to understand our role as one of caretaker, rather than exploiter. We can develop and maintain a synergistic relationship with this wonderful insect, helping to protect and nurture its important role in our agricultural system, while benefiting both ourselves and the world around us.

On this website you will find listings for our classes, a biography of the teacher Les Crowder, a registration page and links related to natural topbar beekeeping. We hope you enjoy browsing!